Nutrition for Bones, Muscles, and Aging

With a background in chemistry and engineering, I’ve had a fascination with the “chemical engineering” power of nutrition to keep our bodies strong, healthy, and youthful. In engineering, a core concept is that what goes in to a system determines the possible outcomes of that system (in this case, the human body). Stated very simply… You are what you eat!

Is Your Sluggish Metabolism Causing Weight Gain?

Originally published 6/4/13, this article has been updated and reposted due to its popularity and importance for Optimum Health.

Do you have a “sluggish” metabolism? If so, it impacts you daily. After all, your metabolism is the driving force for 3 crucial aspects of life:

  1. Energy production from food and/or body fat
  2. Life functions (breathing, heart beating, and digestion)
  3. A strong and healthy body (brain, bones, muscles, and hair)

Give Me Your Breakfast

You’ve likely heard before that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” But do you know why it is true?

In many ways, breakfast sets the energy and metabolism “tone” for the day. Will this be a day of high energy, muscle building, and feel good brain chemistry? Or, a day of fatigue, excessive food cravings, and a sluggish, fat-storing metabolism?

Research Proof… Diets Make People Hungry! Strategize For Success!

A recent research article amused me. The researchers wanted to see if people got hungry while dieting. (I could have saved them some time on that question.) The diet reduced daily calories by 25% for 4 days. Then they measured appetite drive, the wanting of food, and cravings. After the 4-day diet, they let people eat as much as they wanted. Imagine eating just ¾ of what you are used to for 4 days and then someone asking you if you were hungry and if you wanted to eat at a big buffet. The researchers found people saying “Yes, bring it on! I’m hungry!”

The Biggest Losers’ Lesson: The “Metabolism Dilemma”

“The Biggest Loser” has been a wildly popular reality TV show. Personally, I hurt for the contestants who never wanted to gain weight in the first place, and now have to put superhuman effort in to losing it. They just don’t seem to get the medical support that could increase their success and limit their pain.

Battling the “Blues”…Naturally!

Note: This article was originally published in May 2015. Due to the interest, it has recently been updated and reposted. The opinions expressed by Dr. Tague are not meant as medical advice. Please see your physician for personal recommendations.

I hate feeling depressed! After all, feeling down can ruin a perfectly good day! “Mood management” is one of my personal priorities, preventing unnecessary depression (or even “feeling blue”) and its nasty consequences! After all, why let a bad mood hinder life, relationships, productivity, and our contribution to others?

Self-Discipline for Weight Loss: Does it work?

Over 20,000 men, women, and children have sought help for weight loss at the Center for Nutrition. Included in that group have been some of the most “successful” individuals in the region. Bankers, physicians, trial attorneys, CEO’s of corporations, health educators, dietitians, professional athletes, and politicians have all been patients of mine, typically showing up with a long history of weight loss failures.

Some of these individuals could give lectures on a disciplined lifestyle and “keys to success”, yet they each gained weight and could not lose it and keep it off. You see, self-discipline might appear to be the solution for unwanted weight gain, but it is only effective if it is used on the correct strategies. Being disciplined definitely does not predict having a normal weight.