Chromium GTF – A True Mineral Miracle!

What if there was a simple, inexpensive mineral supplement that would work for weight loss, lower appetite, lower body fat, and lower blood sugars? What if you also knew that Americans have a 90% chance of being deficient on this essential mineral, especially if you are overweight? Would you be interested? I suspect you would. Please read on…

Tague Tips: COFFEE

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Many people overeat after 4 p.m. due to excessive stress and tiredness as the day progresses. Consider a 10 minute power nap or a cup of coffee!

The caffeine in a cup of coffee helps you burn off an extra 34 calories, lowering the risk of weight gain. Enjoy your coffee, and its “negative” calories!

3 cups of coffee daily lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes risks by 34%.

Coffee in mid-life reduces Alzheimer’s risks by 65%. 3-5 cups daily makes the difference!

Appetite Control: The Secret Key to Permanent Weight Loss

Appetite: A desire (longing, craving) for food or drink. Having motivation to consume a food or drink that contains calories.

Americans, as a rule, are in bondage to their persistent appetites for “problem foods”. In fact, the typical American appetite is more foe than friend. Just look around to see the evidence. Americans love to eat! And the food industry capitalizes on this human weakness by offering us sweet and savory delights that are literally devastating to our health.

Why are Americans overweight?

Sleep…. A Key to Weight Loss, Energy, and Health

Sleep… what a waste of time…. or is it? Psalms says it this way, “It is vain that you rise up early and go late to rest, eating the bread of anxious toil; for he gives to his beloved sleep.” In the midst of our busy lives and “productivity” we seem to have forgotten the ancient wisdom of getting adequate rest. Modern research tells us that the psalmist was right! Sleep is a blessing and is to be protected and appreciated. Let’s see why…

Prostate Health:  10 Strategies To Lower Your Risk (or the risk of those you love!)


Prostate problems are one of the most common and bothersome medical problems of men as they age.  In fact, current trends are that most men will develop BOTH an enlarged prostate AND cancer of the prostate if they live long enough.  The older we become, the greater the risk.

Applying research-based strategies to protect the prostate as we age is possible and an ounce of prevention, in this case, is certainly worth a “pound” of cure!  Having the prostate partially or completely removed surgically to treat either an enlarged prostate or prostate cancer can result in problems such as complete impotence, weak erections, urinary leakage, and/or difficulty with ejaculations, any of which will affect quality of life.  Although many treatment options now exist and complications are less common, prevention is the far better option!

If you are a man (or if you know and love one), read on to learn protective strategies for maintaining prostate health.

Coffee: 5 Hidden Benefits on Mental and Physical Health

Coffee-5-Secret Health-Benefits

I always look forward to my morning cup of coffee. Warm, comforting, and energizing, all in one! And now it tastes even better, knowing the health benefits. Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in America, with over 150,000,000 daily consumers. But it has not arrived at its current level of popularity without some controversy along the way.

Is coffee good for us or not? The short answer is “Yes, it is a true ‘health drink’.” Coffee is rich in biologically active natural compounds that can actually enhance our metabolism. And it is not just the caffeine. As more research has become available, it now seems quite clear that….

Meal Replacements: A Powerful Key to Weight Loss


For the first time in history, our world has more overweight people than underweight! Diseases of calorie excess, including obesity, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and many cancers are skyrocketing. As a result, many of us will not live as long as our parents. Simply put, our food is killing us! And once the above diseases strike, regaining health may be impossible.

Unfortunately, typical diets are not the answer. Fewer than 5% of self-dieters maintain even 1 pound of weight loss for 3 years. Research is “screaming” at us that powerful tools are urgently needed to lose weight and keep it off.

One of those “powerful tools” is professional quality meal replacements. In fact, I am so convinced of their effectiveness that I recommend them routinely. Let me state it clearly:

If you are overweight, use professional quality meal replacements to experience their 6 powerful benefits during weight loss and maintenance.

The National Institute of Health states that professional meal replacements used with physician-supervised diets are “not the same as the meal replacements you can find at grocery stores or pharmacies, which are meant to replace one or two meals a day.” Quality matters, especially when your health is at stake!