The Biggest Losers’ Lesson: The “Metabolism Dilemma”

“The Biggest Loser” has been a wildly popular reality TV show. Personally, I hurt for the contestants who never wanted to gain weight in the first place, and now have to put superhuman effort in to losing it. They just don’t seem to get the medical support that could increase their success and limit their pain.

Battling the “Blues”…Naturally!

Note: This article was originally published in May 2015. Due to the interest, it has recently been updated and reposted. The opinions expressed by Dr. Tague are not meant as medical advice. Please see your physician for personal recommendations.

I hate feeling depressed! After all, feeling down can ruin a perfectly good day! “Mood management” is one of my personal priorities, preventing unnecessary depression (or even “feeling blue”) and its nasty consequences! After all, why let a bad mood hinder life, relationships, productivity, and our contribution to others?

Self-Discipline for Weight Loss: Does it work?

Over 20,000 men, women, and children have sought help for weight loss at the Center for Nutrition. Included in that group have been some of the most “successful” individuals in the region. Bankers, physicians, trial attorneys, CEO’s of corporations, health educators, dietitians, professional athletes, and politicians have all been patients of mine, typically showing up with a long history of weight loss failures.

Some of these individuals could give lectures on a disciplined lifestyle and “keys to success”, yet they each gained weight and could not lose it and keep it off. You see, self-discipline might appear to be the solution for unwanted weight gain, but it is only effective if it is used on the correct strategies. Being disciplined definitely does not predict having a normal weight.

Healthy Habits: What you do daily determines your health eventually…

Originally published 11/22/14, this article has been updated and reposted due to its popularity and importance for Optimum Health.

One of four deadly diseases will likely kill everyone reading this. I call these diseases the “Deadly 4”, and they take the lives of most Americans. Yet these diseases are mostly PREVENTABLE! The “Deadly 4” Diseases are:

  1. Heart Disease
  2. Cancer
  3. Brain Disease: Stroke and Alzheimer’s
  4. Diabetes Type 2

Appetite Control: 4 Simple Strategies

Ever wonder why some people eat more than others? And why do we, at times, eat more than we should, even to the point of stomach discomfort? The answer lies in a simple word, “appetite”, which can be defined as follows:

Appetite: A desire (longing, craving, felt need) for a food or drink. Any motivation to consume a food or drink that contains calories.

In fact, appetite is the primary enemy of dieters. And, it shows up at just the wrong moment. We may be perfectly content until we walk by some heavenly smelling freshly baked bread or until someone offers us our favorite cookie or some other sweet treat. Or, we may be fine until a co-worker or employer makes another “comment” that adds to an already stressful day.

Avoiding “Early Death” with 3 Simple Strategies!

Avoiding "Early Death" with 3 Simple Strategies!

My first “real job” as a physician was working in a busy emergency room where patients were regularly transported when they were at or near “death”.  I saw fast deaths, slow deaths, natural deaths, violent deaths, intentional deaths, and, most disturbingly, very unnecessary and unwanted “early” deaths. Most of these early deaths were caused by what I call “The Deadly 4”.  These 4 common killers include heart disease, cancer, diabetes type 2, and brain disease (stroke and Alzheimer’s).

Sugar Calories: Easy to Eat, Hard to Burn!


Ever notice how children (and adults) LOVE their sweet treats? Sweets can be a fantastic motivator! “Clean your room, and I’ll give you a piece of candy.” Or, “Stop fighting with your sister, and you can have some ice cream.” For us adults, there is a reason every gas station now dispenses as much sugar as gasoline (sodas, candy, chocolate, cookies, cakes, ice cream, and more)! Americans love their sugar!