Choosing a Weight Loss Plan: Keys for Success if…. “I’ve just got to lose 40 Pounds”

I overheard a revealing father to son comment while eating breakfast out recently. I couldn’t help but hear the family of 3 at the table next to me. Both parents were overweight by 40+ pounds, as was the 20 year old son. The mother was discussing that she was only on one medication. “I am so thankful” she said. The son replied, “Yes, but I don’t take any medicine.”

The father, speaking wisdom, commented, “Son, be very careful to protect your health, or you will end up with problems. Look at me, ‘I’VE JUST GOT TO LOSE 40 POUNDS!’” The overweight problem (that they all shared) was apparent, as was the complete absence of having an effective plan.

Fat Cells: The Real Reason For Unwanted Weight Gain AND The Microscopic Key to Weight Loss Success!

Our bodies are made of cells. Muscle cells make up muscles, brain cells make up our brain, and bone cells make up bones. But for some reason, when it comes to body fat, the cells making up that fat (adipocytes) are rarely discussed or acknowledged. The fact is, without abnormal fat cells, unwanted weight gain cannot occur! Let me explain….

Imagine if something triggered your muscle cells to suddenly enlarge and multiply to the point that your muscles doubled, tripled, and then quadrupled in size! For most people, the added bulk would be a major bother. What if our skin cells started enlarging and multiplying to the point that our skin became baggy and was dragging around on the floor as we walked. How bizarre!