22 Surprising “Side Effects” of Weight Loss…

Today’s post is an update to a previously published article from October 2013. Dr. Tague has updated the content to reflect the latest recommendations for optimum health and wellness.

Not only does weight loss feel great and look great, it has other amazing “side effects”, and likely ones that you have not considered. In fact, the side effects from weight loss are so life-changing and positive, once you read them, you’ll be more convinced than ever that losing excess body weight is simply the right thing to do!

Optimum Health: Two Prerequisites

You are reading this because you are a “seeker” of Optimum Health. In fact, you and I have a common goal, and that goal is to…

“Achieve and Maintain YOUR Optimum Health!”

I use the term “Optimum Health” frequently. After all, health matters. And when it comes to something as important as your health, mediocrity and compromise have no place. Your Optimum Health is an extremely valuable goal that we share in common, but how can we know if we’re experiencing Optimum Health?