Vitamins & Supplements: Are They Good For Us?

By Dr. Rick Tague

You may have seen the above recent headline in the news.  The correct answer is a definite “Yes or No!”  Most vitamin formulas are 10-20 years out of date and unfortunately put well-meaning vitamin takers at unnecessary risk!  Further, many supplement consumers are not well informed on what their specific needs are for nutrient supplementation, resulting in bad decisions on what to take.  It is no wonder that research shows that some consumers put themselves at increased risk, even though their motive is to lower risk of disease!

Vitamins are powerful substances with the power of life and health or death.  Just because vitamins are non-prescription, don’t think they are not powerful.  The word vitamin comes from combining the words “vital” and “amine” to describe natural nutrient compounds that have the chemical structure known as “amines”.  Vitamins are absolutely essential and vital for life, including metabolic and biochemical reactions.  If they are not present in the correct amounts, the proper body chemistry will not continue.  Disease (or lower quality of life) or death will occur.

Vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients must be supplied from diet or supplements.  We’ve known that for years.  That is why the government mandates things like Vitamin D supplementation of milk and folic acid supplementation of bread products.

But can there be a down side to nutrient supplementation?  Absolutely.  You see, just like medications that can either be toxic or lifesaving depending on who is taking what and in what dose, nutritional supplements also must be used in the right people, at the right times, for the right reasons, in the right amounts, and in the right form.

Iron is one example.  Iron deficiency is one of the most common worldwide nutrient deficiencies.  This deficiency can cause anemia, fatigue, depression, difficultly concentrating and food cravings.  However, in excess, iron will increase the risk of cancer, heart disease, liver disease, and multi-organ failure.  Do not take iron supplementation unless you have been diagnosed with iron deficiency!

The point is, you need to take the correct amount and form of nutrients for your particular situation.  Vitamin E should always be in its natural state as “mixed tocopherols” and not over 200 IU per day.  Synthetic “folic acid” should NEVER be taken in a multivitamin, EVER.  We now know it increases the risk of cancer in supplement form.  Vitamin B-6 intake is associated with 36% reduction in colon cancer risk and 51% reduction in risk of postmenopausal breast cancer when over 3.4 mg per day is consumed.  However, 40 mg or more per day is associated with increased risk of heart disease!  Proper doses of vitamins are essential.

Research is clear that you must have nutrient intake that is “in the zone” for achieving optimal health.  Too much or too little of these powerful little nutritional compounds puts you at unnecessary risk of illness and death.

Remember, nutrition is the single most powerful driving force for optimal health.  Quality of life, mood, bone health, cancer risk, heart disease risk, muscle strength, and body fat are just a few of the physical aspects of human wellness that are impacted by proper nutrient intake.  My professional passion is assisting individuals in their pursuit of optimal health through the power of proper nutrition.  Metabolism Essentials Multi (7 years in its making) can compliment almost any diet plan and has research-based amounts of the needed vitamins and minerals for optimal health.  Visit the Nutrition Store on our website to order your bottle today!

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Rick Tague, M.D., M.P.H. & T.M. is a nutrition & weight loss specialist and the Founder & Medical Director of the Center for Nutrition and Preventive Medicine, P.A.

Dr. Tague is an Alpha Omega Alpha honors graduate of Tulane University School of Medicine in New Orleans. He also holds a Masters Degree in Public Health from Tulane. Dr. Tague is board certified by the American Board of Obesity Medicine and the American Board of Family Medicine. His medical practice has focused on optimum health, nutrition, and weight loss since 1996.

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