Nutrition: A Key To Health

By Dr. Rick Tague

Far too many individuals end up with health (or lack thereof) as a life distraction instead of a resource for greater productivity. Does that really have to happen? And what impact is unnecessary disease having on the world around us as attention and resources are being devoted to recapturing lost health that should have never been lost in the first place?

As a physician assisting others in the pursuit of optimal weight, metabolic health, and wellness, I know all too well the discomfort and pain caused by less than optimal health. It seems the modern environment we live in, with all its perceived benefits, is quite conducive to a steady drain on our health. High capacity individuals come to see me overweight, tired, on multiple medications, and frustrated because they cannot live up to their known capacity. Their limited productivity brings them searching for help. Physicians, attorneys, pharmacists, politicians, pastors, CEO’s, business owners, as well as laborers and housewives have all come to me with the same frustrations of unnecessary lost health.