Make your Body Last a Lifetime: Ten Steps Toward Health

Health is a precious commodity. Too often, however, we don’t realize its value until it is slipping away from us. When I worked as an emergency medicine physician, I saw firsthand just how quickly and easily one’s health and life can be taken away. Accidents, injuries, and serious illnesses too often snatch health out of the hands of ordinary, well-intentioned people. Can we always prevent accidents and disease? No. But, can we dramatically improve our chances? An emphatic yes!

Interesting research on longevity has shown that Okinawa, Japan and Loma Linda, California have 2 of the highest rates of long life spans in the world. A city in Japan makes sense with eating more traditional diets with lots of fish, rice, and drinking green tea. But why Loma Linda? The answer is the number of 7th Day Adventists. You see, Loma Linda is home to many Adventists who, for example, don’t smoke, and they consume lots of fruits, vegetables, and nuts. In fact, 7th Day Adventists, on average, live 7 years longer than a typical Californian, extending life span from a typical 78 years to 85 years. Fewer cases of heart disease, cancer, and strokes are some of the additional benefits.

Green Tea, How Much Do You Need

By Dr. Rick Tague

How Much Green Tea Do You Need?

Feel like drinking 8-10 cups of Green Tea a day?   That’s about how much you would have to drink to get some of the health benefits associated with Green Tea.  For over 4,000 years, Chinese medicine has used green tea for depression, immune enhancement, detoxification, and as an energizer.  Green Tea is processed less than common teas.  Less processing maintains natural chemicals providing metabolic, antioxidant, anticancer, antibacterial and antiviral properties.  Since most Americans don’t drink that much Green Tea, we recommend that you take CFN Ultra Green Tea 2-3 times per day.  It is decaffeinated and it’s concentrated with the active ingredient EGCG.  Each capsule has the EGCG equivalent of about 5 cups of green tea.

Green Tea and Fat Burning

By Dr. Rick Tague

Green Tea: The Ultimate Fat Burning Supplement?

Overweight individuals typically have a “sluggish” metabolism that is far more likely to store fat than burn it.  Green tea enhances “fat burning” by 17-40%.  And there are so many other benefits to Green Tea:

  • High EGCG content of 200 mg per capsule far exceeds most green tea supplements.
  • Improve cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • Enhances appetite suppressant medications effects on metabolism.
  • Enhance weight loss by up to 1/2 to 3/4 lbs per week while dieting.