Overcome Fatigue: 5 Strategies for Creating Energy

Fatigue is truly epidemic! Almost without exception, when I interview patients, it becomes apparent that energy levels are just not what they should be. The onset of the fatigue has typically been subtle, and it has then worsened over time. I’ve observed that fatigue has become a new epidemic, while it was relatively uncommon 30 years ago. What has changed? And what can we do about it?

Clickers: A Power Tool to be Trim, Fit, and Healthy

Clickers:  A Power Tool to be Trim, Fit, and Healthy

My patients have a single goal in mind… to be “trim, fit and healthy”. And once they apply proper tools and strategies, they transform into “superstars”. One of those core strategies is to increase physical activity without spending countless, painful hours at the gym. A simple tool we recommend is the “Clicker”, a very accurate and reliable professional quality pedometer that records daily steps, counting a “click” for each step. The Clicker is powerful, research-based, and produces REAL results. As I tell my patients, if your goal is to be “trim, fit and healthy”, use a Clicker.

Metabolism: Does a Sluggish Metabolism Cause Weight Gain?

We hear the word “metabolism” frequently. And, if yours is “sluggish”, it likely impacts you daily. Although we have a general sense of what metabolism is and how it affects us, few people can accurately define it. Metabolism can be thought of as the body’s chemical processes that allow 3 crucial aspects of life to occur:

  1. Energy for body activity and body heat to stay warm
  2. Body functions for basic life to occur (like breathing and digestion)
  3. Body structure production and maintenance (brain, bones, muscles, hair, etc)

These areas of metabolism have in common a demand for an energy source, i.e. calories! If any one of these 3 aspects of metabolism is impaired or sluggish, negative consequences are inevitable, often including weight gain!