Sleep…. A Key to Weight Loss, Energy, and Health

Sleep… what a waste of time…. or is it? Psalms says it this way, “It is vain that you rise up early and go late to rest, eating the bread of anxious toil; for he gives to his beloved sleep.” In the midst of our busy lives and “productivity” we seem to have forgotten the ancient wisdom of getting adequate rest. Modern research tells us that the psalmist was right! Sleep is a blessing and is to be protected and appreciated. Let’s see why…

Coffee: 5 Hidden Benefits on Mental and Physical Health

I always look forward to my morning cup of coffee. Warm, comforting, and energizing, all in one! And now it tastes even better, knowing the health benefits. Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in America, with over 150,000,000 daily consumers. But it has not arrived at its current level of popularity without some controversy along the way.

Is coffee good for us or not? The short answer is “Yes, it is a true ‘health drink’.” Coffee is rich in biologically active natural compounds that can actually enhance our metabolism. And it is not just the caffeine. As more research has become available, it now seems quite clear that….

Nutrition, Supplements, and Health

Nutrition, Supplements, and Health

“As long as I cut my calories, does it otherwise matter WHAT I eat?” “Do I need vitamins and minerals?” “Do nutritional supplements really work?” “Is there a nutritional option to my prescription medications?” “If I simply take a ‘one a day’ multivitamin, isn’t that enough?” “My friends are getting cancer and heart disease, can I improve my chances with nutrition?” These are examples of the types of questions I address with patients every day.

What Vitamins To Take?

By Dr. Rick Tague

Essential Nutrients Package*

“I know nothing about supplements, what should I take?”  I have heard that question so often that I have created an Essential Nutrients Package.  This combination includes what I believe every American over 100 lbs should have as a minimum for optimal nutrient intake.  It includes the following: