Coconut Oil: Tropical Treasure for Health

“Eating fat is bad for you.” “Saturated fat causes heart attacks.” “Oils are bad for you, avoid them like the plague.” Likely you’ve heard these statements from well-meaning people, perhaps even from physicians. I say… “Not so fast….”

The latest research has some surprising news regarding fats and oils, and many medical “hard facts” are being thrown out as a result. The news is good and our quality of life no longer has to suffer by avoiding all the tasty, “high fat” foods we know we love.

Coconut oil, with its high saturated fat and 70-85% “medium chain triglycerides” (MCT’s) is part of that good news. Coconut oil is appropriate for medium heat cooking (up to 350 degrees) and has a number of health benefits compared to traditional cooking oils and fats, such as butter or soybean oil.