10 Tweets for Surviving the Holidays!

The holidays are upon us! What a great time of year! Unfortunately, the holidays can also mean less than ideal foods. Here are a few of my favorite ideas from my 2014 “tweets” to get you through the holidays while maintaining your health and avoiding unwanted weight gain.

  1. Drink plenty of sugar free beverages to stay trim and fit. Water, tea, and coffee are all winners!
  2. Eating a protein-rich breakfast causes lower body weight. Eat more and weigh less… I like that!
  3. Mild dehydration can feel like hunger. Stay well hydrated to lose weight!
  4. A protein based meal increases your metabolism as much as 30 minutes of exercise. Don’t forget your protein or your fitness time!
  5. A handful of mixed nuts each day can be a healthy snack and lower heart risks. Enjoy!
  6. Sleep 7 ½ hours a night to increase metabolism and reduce food cravings! Sleep is awesome!
  7. Energy Plus with synergistic ingredients works to support energy AND metabolism! Check it out.
  8. Eating lean protein will speed your metabolism. It costs more than carbs, but it’s worth it!
  9. Red wine is the only alcohol not associated with high blood pressure. If you are going to drink, go red.
  10. Fitness time daily can reverse a sluggish metabolism! Commit to 9 minutes daily!

Let’s march through the holidays with the strategies we’ve learned this past year so we’ll be in a great position to have Optimum Health in 2015!

Note: These and other fun facts about nutrition and health can be found on Facebook and Twitter. There will be plenty more to come in 2015!

Blessings of Optimum Health,

Rick Tague, M.D., M.P.H.

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