Blood Pressure Control by Healing your Blood Vessels!

Blood Pressure Control by Healing your Blood Vessels

Over 1,000 people will die in the U.S. today and every day this year from uncontrolled high blood pressure! An elevated blood pressure of 140/90 or higher, known as hypertension, is a major risk factor for heart attacks and strokes, two of the “Deadly 4” killers in America. High blood pressure is also associated with such scary things as impaired memory, slower thinking, premature brain aging, dementia, kidney damage, erectile dysfunction, and blindness. We NEED healthy blood vessels. Measuring the blood pressure within is how we monitor that blood vessel health…

Food Cravings: 3 Keys for Control

Ever experience a “consuming desire” or “yearning” for a particular food or snack? Maybe even when you absolutely “know” you are not hungry? But still, you just can’t get the thought of your favorite treat out of your mind until you indulge… If so, you have experienced what researchers call a “food craving”. Cravings for “wrong foods” (chocolate, salty snacks, crunchy treats, sweets, sodas, high fat items, pasta, etc.) are one of the most challenging and disturbing symptoms of my patients seeking weight loss. And until food cravings are controlled, meaningful long-term weight loss remains only an illusion.

Fish Oil, Prostate Cancer, and Optimum Health… Why I Still Eat Fish and Take My Omega-3’s

I couldn’t help but wonder at the “fish oil and prostate cancer” headlines this week that were apparently intended to “scare” men from eating fish and taking fish oil. The research details being proclaimed, that fish oil is associated with prostate cancer risk has been debated before, but I consider the emphatic fears being communicated both new AND unbalanced. Even previous researchers with these concerns have stated, “Overall, the beneficial effects of eating fish to prevent heart diseases outweigh any harm related to prostate cancer risk.”

This is a good opportunity to write a response to today’s headlines with a different perspective on fish intake and explain why I still eat plenty of ocean fish (like my wild-caught salmon for lunch today) AND still take my supplement of Omega 3 Essential Oils (ultra pure, professional quality fish oil). Fish oil and the essential fatty acids they contain are one of the most researched and recommended nutrients of all time. Let’s be reminded why…

Clickers: A Power Tool to be Trim, Fit, and Healthy

Clickers:  A Power Tool to be Trim, Fit, and Healthy

My patients have a single goal in mind… to be “trim, fit and healthy”. And once they apply proper tools and strategies, they transform into “superstars”. One of those core strategies is to increase physical activity without spending countless, painful hours at the gym. A simple tool we recommend is the “Clicker”, a very accurate and reliable professional quality pedometer that records daily steps, counting a “click” for each step. The Clicker is powerful, research-based, and produces REAL results. As I tell my patients, if your goal is to be “trim, fit and healthy”, use a Clicker.

Obesity is a Real Disease!

The American Medical Association made headlines June 18, 2013 by acknowledging that obesity is, in fact, a true disease. For those struggling with overweight and for those of us engaged in the medical battle against obesity these past 20 years, this was not really news, but an affirmation of sorts. Indeed, both the medical causes and complications of obesity are just as medical in nature as other common diseases. Let me explain…