Maximizing Our Memory: Part 2 – Nutrition

For some reason, the vast majority of people find that their memory ability could and should be better.  And, this concern only becomes more common with age.  Enhancing and protecting our memory ideally begins in our youth.  We naturally achieve a peak ability to remember in early adulthood and then find that the inborn memory ability declines over time.  Adults learn tricks to compensate for this decline in memory.  This works well until people get into their 70’s or 80’s at which time memory loss becomes a disabling problem.

Research on memory has advanced greatly in recent years.  We now understand more about brain function and how to enhance, protect, and preserve what is known as “cognitive function” or the ability to remember facts, process information, and solve problems.

Maximizing Our Memory: Part 1 – Lifestyle

Maximizing Our Memory

Our memory is truly one of our greatest assets.  It’s crucial for every aspect of life: career, school, relationships (remembering names, faces, events, interests of others, etc), and everyday life all depend upon our ability to recall previous facts and bits of information.  We then must know how to apply that information to solve a variety of problems that come our direction.

I believe it is optimal to maximize the memory and brain health during youth and early adulthood both for maximum quality of life during early adulthood, but also to hopefully delay or prevent disability from memory loss as one gets older.