Fast Facts Regarding Gastric Bypass Surgery

By Dr. Rick Tague

A common misconception of gastric bypass surgery is that it works by malabsorption of food calories.  In fact, only 5-10% of the weight loss from gastric bypass surgery is the result of malabsorption.  However, the surgery does effectively reduce appetite and intake by 1,418 calories per day.  It is recommended that most dieters use safer, non-surgical methods of appetite control while controlling their weight.

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Why Pursue Prevention? A Personal Strategy…

By Dr. Rick Tague

I heard an intriguing quote this week, “America is not about prevention… We would much rather build a hospital at the bottom of a cliff than build a fence at the top.”  What a sad commentary on our society and our health care system!

While attending Tulane Medical School, I also had the privilege of attending the Tulane School of Public Health.  As a student there, a similar analogy proved to be one of the most important lessons I learned from Tulane.

One of my professors of public health and tropical medicine, Neal Halsey, M.D., used to describe preventive medicine as being like approaching a river that was full of struggling bodies floating downstream toward a certain death.  Imagine tired, panicky people floating down the rapid river above Niagara Falls, unable to swim to shore.  So, the “obvious” thing for you to do is to swim out into the water, grab somebody, and bring them back to shore and safety.  Then, swim out again and grab another body and bring them back to safety.  And so on…