Your Routine: Your Key To Success!

By Dr. Rick Tague

Show me a successful individual and I’ll show you a person who has discovered a success-producing routine! You and I have both seen it. Look around you at those that are floundering in some area of life. Almost always, they have failed to discern and implement a daily routine that allows them to flourish.

Examples are all around us. A highly experienced psychiatrist was quoted recently as saying, “In all my years of practice, I have never met a patient who was clinically depressed who was physically fit.” You see, those who have a routine that keeps them physically fit receive multiple other benefits in terms of both physical and emotional health. A routine that produces physical fitness also tends to produce emotional and mental health. That is simply one example.

Self-Control and Weight Loss: Is It The Answer?

By Dr. Rick Tague

I have tremendous respect and concern for individuals seeking to enhance their health through weight loss and positive nutrition.  In fact, serving them is my passion.  And I know from years of working with such clients that weight reduction and maintenance is a very difficult task if one is not empowered with all the right tools and strategies.  People typically need assistance to be successful.  Why?  Can’t they just exercise “self-control” and be successful?

My pastor offered an interesting and insightful definition of self-control in his message last weekend.  He defined it as “stepping back from pleasure” to seek a higher purpose.  And we all need more self-control.  I get that.  Let’s all seek to grow in self-control. But is it really the answer for ultimate weight management?